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Quinte Museum of Natural History - Trenton

In terms of specifically what we want, the animations would be primarily for our social media.

 We would need a 1080 x 1920 pixel animation, to accommodate Instagram reels and TikTok formats.

 Length would be max 1 minute 30 seconds, and 15 seconds minimum.

Some idea for educational videos - focus on our current exhibits: 

  • How do fossils form 
  • Food chain (eating habits of whales) 
  • Evolution of whales 
  • Ocean facts 
  • Whale migration
  • Bite force of a T-Rex Commercial fishing/how they affect whales 

We are open to the students writing their own scripts and taking their own creative direction for this project, as long as it stays on the natural history theme and is suitable for children.

We are also open on styles/formats in animation style. I have attached a JPEG of our brand colour palettes, feel free to share this with students, so they can use colours that match our theme and vibe!. I would also ask that students include our logo in some way, it could be a fade out- or fade-in, or simply the logo in the corner of the animation. Graphics below.

I can provide specific files of logos if requested. 

Students are encouraged to visit the museum for inspiration, we open on March 15th to the public.


multiple placements available - working remotely


Contact: Mikayla Barney-

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