Job Search - Cover Letters

Writing your Cover Letter

 Summary:  Learn how to write a brief, concise, and convincing cover letter that is well-organized and can accompany your resume

• Always address the letter to a specific person.  Call the employer to get the correct name and spelling, the title, and address, email, or fax number.   Write each cover letter specifically for the company and/or position you are seeking.

• Begin with the purpose of your letter, stating the specific position or type of work you seek.
• If you were referred to the addressee, indicate by whom, using the name of a contact or mutual acquaintance.

 Second paragraph  
• Tie your qualifications to what you know about the position or organization.  Refer the reader to the resume for more details. 
• Tell them why you are interested in this field or company.  
• Make the reader aware that you have done your homework and know something about the organization and how it fits with your skills, strengths, objectives, and interests.

Closing paragraph   
• Request the next step in the employment process:  an interview.
• If possible, indicate that you will contact the addressee at a specific date or time to arrange a mutually convenient appointment time.
• Be positive in your attitude; expect an appointment or a response.

• Use business letter format, block style, with everything beginning at the left margin.
• If mailing, use the same good quality paper as your resume.
• Keep it brief and concise.



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