Web Design 2

1a. Basic HTML  material 1  material 2

2a. HTML (more advanced features)  assignment   spec sheet   material      5%

3c. Setting Up Site in Dreamweaver  tutorial 1    tutorial 2 
3d. Dreamweaver basics  tutorial    assignment   material     5%

4a. Cutting Slices in PhotoShop   tutorial  material
4b. Java-script Rollovers   assignment      10%

5a. Slices and Rollovers Review Exercise    assignment    material   5%

Midterm Break - 1 week

7a. Image Formatting   assignment  material   5%
7b. Image maps & navigation  assignment   material   5%

8a. Cascading Style Sheets   The Box Model  |  switching CSS panels (DW-2014)  | accessing old CSS panels (DW-2015)  | assignment  material   5%
8b. Cascading Style Sheets (class and compound styles)  assignment  material     10%

9a. CSS Layouts using DIVs   assignment  (use material from 8a)    8%
9b. Embed Youtube Video in DIV tag   assignment  2%

10a. Begin Final Dreamweaver Assignment (Due by class 13)   final project criteria   25%
10b. Remote Servers, FTP & Structuring Directories   Set-up Account   instructions 

11a. Work on Dreamweaver Assignment in Class

12a. Work on Dreamweaver Assignment in Class

13a. Complete and Upload Final Dreamweaver Assignment (to web server)

14a. Muse - Intro to site plans, new pages and Navigation  assignment_part 1    assignment_part 2    material  10%

15a. Muse - Content creation and Publishing  assignment_part 1    assignment_part 2   5%

Supplemental (Bonus):

16a. Muse - Creating PSD Buttons with States  PSD Buttons  Apply PSD Buttons in Muse  5%
16b. Muse - Add Youtube Videos, Google Maps & forms  assignment  5%
16c. Muse - Outputting to HTML   assignment  5%
17a. Muse - Developing for Mobile Devices    assignment  5%
18a. Muse - Menu for Mobile Devices    assignment  5%


Adobe Muse | Comprehensive Muse Tutorial - 1 hr Getting started tutorial 
Adobe Muse | Introducing Responsive Design   tutorial


More Bonus lessons

b01. Layer based Slices in PhotoShop   tutorial    assignment   material     5%
b02. Navigation Bar & Layout with Tables  assignment   specs sheet   material     5%
b03. Layouts with Cascading Style Sheets  assignment     material     5%
b04. CSS Layouts Exercise   assignment   spec sheet   material     5%
b05. Advanced CSS Page Layouts  assignment  spec sheet    material   5%


Best Web Design Trends of 2014 - for interest

Web Design Principles


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