Web Authoring 2
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Watch this Video First & Welcome back!

1a. Setting Up a Site in Dreamweaver - Revisited   tutorial 

1b. Dreamweaver Warm Up HTML exercise  assignment   checklist    6%

Adobe Color Creator for Web

2a. Create and control Div Tags using CSS in Dreamweaver   part 1    part 2    material   6%

3a. Styling content with CSS   The Box Model  | assignment part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4   material   6%

**Note - You will be building on this file for a number of the following exercises. Back it up!!

MUST WATCH THIS - CSS Float and Clear Explained

4a. Styling DIV tags using CSS Float and Clear properties & classes    assignment   6%

5a. Creating layouts with CSS  assignment  use completed file from lesson 3a     6%

5b. Adding Structure & Image with CSS  assignment    material   
use completed file from lesson 5a   3%

6a. FTP to Remote Web Servers  - Set-up your Web Account   instructions

  • FTP instructions in Dreamweaver:
    • FTP Address = animation.lcaat.ca
    • username = first letter of first name + last name + .animation (eg. David Smith = dsmith.animation)
    • password = your student number

6b. FTP/Upload completed lesson 5b to Loyalist server and send me the URL link on Blackboard - 3%

Block Level Elements vs. Inline Elements 

7a. Creating & styling Navigation with HTML & CSS  assignment   use completed file from lesson 5b    5%

7b. Fixing Navigation to the top with CSS  assignment   use completed file from lesson 7a    3%

Mid Semester Week

8a. Catch up & catch your breath Week

9a. Midterm Assignment   20%

10a. Intro to Responsive Web Design  assignment  use completed file from lesson 7b  6%

10b. Responsive Layout using CSS  assignment  use completed file from lesson 10a  5%

11a. Adding Media - embed Youtube video  assignment     5%

12a. Final Assignment  final assignment criteria   20%

13a. - Work on Final Assignment 

14a. - Final Assignment DUE.


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