Web Authoring 2 - Midterm Assignment - 2020         20%

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Use Adobe Dreamweaver to create the following:

Use your own supplied images.


1. - 1%  • Create a root folder with 2 html files and a folder for the css file as well as a folder for images.
            • Keep all the html files at the top level in the root folder.
            • Create and Keep the css file in the css folder named "css". All CSS will be saved in this external file.
            • Keep your image files in the folder named "images".


2. Name 1st HTML page "index.html" and include the following on it:

   a - 1% - using Dreamweaver create an external CSS file called "mycss.css" and save it in the folder called CSS.
   b - 1% - Create a Selector style for the body tags that will change the colour of the text to PURPLE as a default for the page.
   c - 1% - Use CSS to set a background image to the body selector. Set background size to 100% & tiling to repeat. (Try to choose a light image that you can still read the text over).
   d - 1% - Add 1 image of your choosing (no bigger than 1000 x 500 pixels) at top of page.
   e - 1% - This image will also be a link to an external website of your chossing (eg. https://djolessons.com).
   f  - 1% - Add Your full name using h1 tags.
   g - 1% - Create a class style called "RedText" that will change the colour of the text to RED and size set to 18px. To be applied to the h1 tag.
   h - 1% - Add 1 paragraph with minimum 50 words. Make 1 or more words BOLD in the paragraph and make some text a link to any page.   
   i  - 1% - Using CSS create a Selector style that works only for the links inside paragraphs that will change the colour of the text to GREEN. 
   j  - 1% - an ID style called "myID" that will be applied to a DIV tag. It will be set to relative with a width of 50% x 100px. 500 pixels from the top, 20 pixels from the left.
               Will have a colour fill of your choice and a thick coloured border of your choice.
   k  - 1% - Add a text link to your other html page.

3. Name 2nd HTML page "yourLastName.html" and include the following on it:

Float & Clear stuff!!

   a - 2% - Create 6 Div tags in html. Apply CSS with properties of 100 x 100 pixels and different background colours for each.
   b - 3% - Using Float and Clear properties set 5 of them up on the page as you see below. 3 across and 3 down.
   c - 1% - Using Absolute Position properties set the 6th block to 200px from the top and 400 px from the left as you see below. Include a text link to the index.html file in the orange box.


4. - 2% - FTP your assignment up to the Loyalist web server and make sure you test it in a browser then send me the link in Blackboard comments along with your zipped root folder.


5. Hand in compressed root folder to Blackboard. Name it "lastName_FirstName.zip".

You have to hand it in by Friday March the 19th, 2021! - I will still mark it if it comes in late.


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