Intro to Web Design - Page 1 Assignment  
Spec sheet 2

Basic HTML Web Site using CSS
(refer to video for details if you need them)

Assignment Criteria
Use a Word editing software such as Notepad or TextEdit to create HTML and CSS files with the following instructions:


  1. On this page place your name at the top using h1 tags.
  2. • Place photo of puppy directly below your name.
    • Make it a link to "page2.html".
    • Apply a CSS class style that put a coloured 10px border on the bottom only.
  3. • Then create an Ordered List with 3 lines of text.
    • A tag style will dictate the colour of of the list.
  4. Create a Hypertext link on it's own line that links to an external website.
  5. • Place 3 images of the same size (100x100px) inside 3 tables cells in a table with 3 columns and 1 row.
    • Make the middle image a link to an external website of your choice.
    • This table will have an ID property applied.

CSS Stylesheet

Create new style sheet for this page and save it in the styles folder on your site. Call it "page1.css".

  1. Create 2 new tag styles in stylesheet file to be applied
    (h1 & p tags) each with a unique color property.
  2. Create a:link, a:hover & a:visited tag properties using color and text-decoration properties.
  3. • Create 1 class style in stylesheet file to be applied to puppy photo.
    • Make botttom border 10px and orange.
  4. • Create ID style for custom border on tables.
    • Make it a colour and size of your choice.

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