Intro to Web Design - Page 2 Assignment  
Spec sheet 1

Basic HTML Web Site using CSS

Assignment Criteria
Using a Word editing software such as Notepad or TextEdit create HTML and CSS files to display the following features:


  1. Create html page called "page2.html".
  2. On this page place your name at the top using h1 tags.
  3. Place text on it's own line "CSS Basics".
  4. • Place photo of CSS Basics in a paragraph directly below your name.
    • Make it a link to page1.html".
    • "p img" tag will control the border for this photo.
  5. Create a Hypertext link on it's own line that links to "page1.html".
  6. Place photo of dog on it's own line. Apply ID to img tag.
  7. • Create a table with 1 row and 2 columns.
    • Place PNG cookie box image inside right table cell.
    • Place text in left table cell.
    • Apply class style to table to create a background colour.

CSS Stylesheet CSS CODE

Create new style sheet for this page and save it in the css folder on your site. Call it "page2.css".

  1. Create 3 new tag styles in stylesheet file to be applied
    (h1, p & p img) each with a unique color property.
  2. Create a:link & a:hover tag properties using color and text-decoration properties.
  3. Create 2 new class styles in stylesheet file to be applied to "CSS Basics" title (colour & size) & table (background colour).
  4. Create 1 ID styles to be applied to dog photo. set border size, style and different colour for each side.



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