Intro to Web Design- Test - 2019         15%

Download the provided Assets:


Follow specific instructions provided on video.

You must use headphones if you are watching the video on your own computer (or turn down volume).


General Instructions:

1 - Create the Responsive web site Muse File with the following settings:

- Fluid Width Layout
- 1200 pixel width

Master Page:

Make 3 Breakpoints

Objective to prevent overlapping of visual elements on stage when browser is reduced in size.

Graphic in upper left replaced with smaller version in smallest Breakpoint.
Hide the large logo in this breakpoint.
Hide the smaller logo in other Breakpoints.


Home Page -

- Add Circle Logo and create a text box as shown and paste and format the text according to instructions on video.

- Pin logo to upper left of BROWSER. (6 pins), set Resize to Responsive Width & Height.

- Pin Text box to right of page (3 pins). Set fonts according to video instructions.

- Create a minimum of 5 breakpoints to prevent the overlap of the text with the round logo.

Page 2:

Simply Add a Text box with your full name in the center of the page as indicated. Set resize of text box to Responsive Width. Pin to center.


Name file LastName_FirstName.muse

Hand in on Blackboard and to teacher in class.