Web Authoring 2 - Lessons

1. Intro to Dreamweaver

Step 1 - set up new site in Dreamweaver - showing your root folder in the files panel.

Step 2 - In photoshop create 4 jpg images 200 x 100 pixels then save them in a images folder in the root.
             Use your own found or created images.

Step 3 - create a HTML web page with the following:

  1. Heading 1 (Your Name)
  2. Heading 2
  3. Paragraph
  4. ordered List (minimum 3 items)
  5. word with Bold Text in middle of a sentence
  6. word with Italic Text in middle of a sentence
  7. image (800 x 450 px) - make it a link to an external website.
  8. hypertext link to page 2.
  9. create a table with 2 columns and 3 rows with 100 x 100px sized images in each in top 4 table cell.
  10. Create a row span across the bottom row of the table and apply a background colour to the table cell.
  11. Add background colour to bottom row table cells.
  12. Text link at bottom of page that links to top of page using an ID as link. Apply ID to an element at the top of the page for this to work.

Step 4 - Create a 2nd HTML page called "page2.html" that includes the following:

  1. H1 text of your name
  2. Hypertext link back to home page

Step 5 - Create an external CSS file and save it in a folder called CSS in the root. Apply the following to index page:

  1. create 1 SELECTOR style for H1 tags - custom colour
  2. create 1 CLASS style - colour change - and apply it to an element (paragraph) and a span.



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