Digital Applications 3 - creating with Adobe Illustrator      

1. Intro to Course & Software

Basic Drawing and Selection Tools
Groups & sub-layers
a) Drawing Olympic Rings Exercise   3%

2. The Pen Tool

Pen Tool Essentials
Pen Tool - unlock handle from anchor point

a) Tracing Pen Tool Exercise | Assets1Assets2   6%

3. The Pen Tool 2 - So You think you can draw 

a) use the Pen Tool to draw vector graphics
  of any 3 of these established logos Exercise
| Assets3 10%

Supplemental viewing Pen Tool tutorial - Lynda.com

4. Creating seamless patterns / geometry

a) Transform Again Exercise  5%

b) How to Make a Repeat Pattern Swatch Exercise   3%

   Blend Tool Basics

c) Blend Tool Exercise   2%

5. Working with Text

5a)  Creating a Campaign Poster Exercise 2%

b)  Gradients & Multiple Strokes on Text Exercise   2%

c) Text Wrap, Text on a Path Exercise  Text generator    5%

Supplemental viewing Gradients in Text with multiple strokes - Lynda.com

6. Raster to Vector Graphics

a) Paste Shapes inside of other shapes Exercise   2%

b) Tracing Exercise     Download Asset    3%

c) Filling Type with photographs Exercise   4%

7. Pathfinder, Compound Paths, Perspective Drawing and a bit more Text

a) Pathfinder Exercise   2%

b) Perspective Exercise   2%

c) Compound Paths Exercise   2%

8. Mid Term Test   20%

9. Artwork for Print

a) Illustator for 4 colour Print Press  Exercise 5%

b) Exporting Spot colours for Print

10. Artwork for Web

a) Outputting files for web 2%

11. Final Assignment - Design a 1 page Ad for Print Press

Criteria Link

12. Final Assignment

Work in class

supplemental Cat Gradient
supplemental Cat Gradient finished

13. Final Assignment

Work in class

14. Final Assignment Due   20%

Hand in Work


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