Final - 2015   Design 1 page layout with the folllowing elements      20%


1. Choose 1 of the logos provided below and redraw with the Pen Tool. 6%

2. Create Letter Size Document for Print.

    - Include 1/8" Bleed 1%
    - A guide 1/8" from edge on all sides. 1%

3. Create Editable (Bold) Text with photo masked inside letters with a double stroke and drop shadow. 4%

4. Include text in a 2 column text Area in the design with Text wrap for wrapping around logo. 3%

5. Include text on a curved path. 1%

6. Include a custom Pattern fill as a design element that bleeds off the edge. 2%

7. Include your full name in the footer area, aligned to centre of page, 12pt., Black 1%

8. Include a PDF for Print press along with your Illustrator file. 1%

Name your files:



Hand in files on USB stick.

On the Mac Just drag image to you desktop: