These are the features you must build.

1. A Drop Down Menu with 4 links (Home, Fade In, Nesting & Jukebox) and your name on the first page
2. A Movie clip that fades in
3. 3 Nested Movie Clip animations with controls for each Movie Clip
4. A Basic Jukebox that uses the loadMovie method to play a song with a progress bar from an external swf file.

It's not necessary to copy the look and design but it should function the same as the above sample with a menu linking to the various requested features.

Hand-In Instructions:

Hand in all your FLA files, swf files & flv files
in a single zipped folder named: YourLastName_FirstName

send by email to
with subject line "web4_lastname_group" (eg. web4_ouellette_a)