Web Authoring 4 Final - Due in last class

Video Description

Criteria for Final Project

• Name file "lastname_firstName.fla" (ouellette_daniel.fla)


  1. Create fly-out menu with animation on mouse over and reverse of animation on mouse out with 3 sub-links (buttons).
  2. Sub-Menu contains 3 sub buttons with links which go to designated keyframes using Frame Labels.
  3. Start Page (frame 1 keyframe) will have a button that launches an animation of your name. Scattered letters coming together in sequence.
  4. Keyframe 2 will contain the described circular nested animation with buttons controlling playhead in nested timelines using dot syntax.
  5. Keyframe 3 will contain a score counter through the use of variables and will include a dynamic Text box displaying the score.
  6. Keyframe 4 will contain a SHORT streaming mp3 song with progress bar and start and stop buttons.

See Video for details.


Hand in Instructions

Hand in your .fla file on CANVAS by last class.

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