Web Authoring 4 Final - Due in last class

Video Description for required Loader Set-up

Criteria for Final Project

• Name launch file "lastname_firstName.fla" (ouellette_daniel.fla)
• Create and maintain all files in one project folder!


  1. Create fly-out menu with animation on mouse over and reverse of animation on mouse out with 3 sub-links (buttons).
  2. Sub-Menu contains 3 links which load the 3 different external swf movies into the Loader.
    Menu will sit on top of all content using addChild command.
  3. Create a Stop Button that unloads external movie.
  4. Make sure to place the Loader on the Root timeline and not inside the menu!
  5. External movie 1 will contain an original nested animation with buttons controlling playhead in nested timelines using dot syntax.
  6. External movie 2 will contain a SHORT streaming mp3 song with progress bar and stop button.
  7. External movie 3 will contain a score counter through the use of variables and conditional statements (if...) and will include a dynamic Text box displaying dynamic content (the score).

Hand in Instructions

Include all 4 Original FLA  files and swf files in a ZIPPED folder named Lastname_Firstname
and hand it on Blackboard. Confirm with Dan that it was received.

File 1 = Host file with Loader = 4%
             Fly-out Menu in Host file = 5%
File 2 = Nested animation File = 3%
File 3 = Short Song File = 3%
File 4 = Score Counter file = 5%


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