Web Authoring 4 Final - Due in last class

Video Description

Criteria for Final Project

• Name launch file "lastname_firstName.fla" (ouellette_daniel.fla)
• Create and maintain all files in one project folder!


  1. Create fly-out menu with animation on mouse over and reverse of animation on mouse out with 3 sub-links (buttons).
  2. Sub-Menu contains 3 buttons with links which load the 3 different external swf movies into a Loader.
    Make sure to place the Loader on the Root timeline and not inside the menu!
    Menu (movie clip) will sit on top of Loader using addChild command.
  3. Create a Clear Button that unloads the Loader.
  4. External movie 1 will contain an original nested animation with buttons controlling playhead in nested timelines using dot syntax.
  5. External movie 2 will contain a SHORT streaming mp3 song with progress bar.
  6. External movie 3 will contain a score counter through the use of variables and will include a dynamic Text box displaying dynamic content (the score).
  7. Include sound on buttons somewhere.
  8. Use comments to place your first and last name in the first line of actionscripts on the first frame.

Hand in Instructions

Include all 4 Original FLA  files and swf files in a ZIPPED folder named Lastname_Firstname
and hand it on CANVAS. Confirm with Dan that it was received.

File 1 = Host file with Loader = 4%
             Fly-out Menu in Host file = 5%
File 2 = Nested animation File = 3%
File 3 = Short Song File = 3%
File 4 = Score Counter file = 5%


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