Final Assignment
- worth 20%


These are the features you must include in your project.

1. A Drop Down Menu with links to all 4 pages (Home, page 02, page 03 & page 04). 7%

All pages will have the Menu.

2. Home page

  • include your name in a text box 0%
  • include a button with animation in the mouse-over state that links to an external web site. 2%

3. Page 02

  • contains a movie clip with a Motion Tween of an imported image that fades in from 0% to 100% alpha and rests on screen. 2%

4. Page 03

  • contains a Movie Clip with a song playing and a progress bar. 3%
  • Set music to Stream. 1%
  • **Music must stop when clicking menu buttons going to another page. 2%

5. Page 04

  • contains a shape tween animation that transitions between 3 different shapes (no strokes on shapes) 2%
  • loops continuously and seamlessly. 1%


Hand-In Instructions:

Hand in your .fla files (named lastname_firstname) to me in class:

or zipped on Blackboard.

**Confirm that I received it!**