Web Authoring 3 - Midterm - 2022         20%

Click for Video Instructions

Download assets


1. Create a file in Actionscript 3 and set size to 1000w x 400h. Rename the file your lastname_firstname.fla (ouelllette_dan.fla)

2. After unzipping images import them all to the library.

3. Build your file just as you see it demonstrated on the video.

Scene 1 timeline

4. 1% Each animation will be inside a MOVIE CLIP located in the content layer on the Scene 1 timeline.

5. 4% In the first Movie Cip using the PEN TOOL draw a path on a seperate layer tracing the bird image then use it as your first frame of the Shape Tween. (Delete the original bitmap of the bird from the stage once you've drawn it.)

6. 4% Movie Clip 1 will contain the SHAPE TWEEN of the drawn Bird that changes to a ball then a Star and back to the bird in a seamless loop.

7. 5% Movie Clip 2 will contain the MOTION TWEEN of the car racing on to the screen then a logo fades in over 2 seconds and remains on screen while the car speeds away. This does not loop.

8. 3% Movie Clip 3 will contain the ANIMATED MASK showing parts of the image on the layer below.

9. 3% Use Code snippets to have buttons go to and stop playhead at the designated frame labels.

Hand in file to CANVAS. Confirm with Dan he received it.