Web Authoring 3 - Using Adobe Animate

Dan's Intro to Course


 1. Orientation Week

 2a. Animate Intro  Properties Panel   download assets

 2b. Pen Tool Drawing Assignment    How to Edit Vector lines    Draw the provided image  download assets   5%

 3. Drawing using Object Mode - Assignment     download assets   5%

  1. Complete any 3 of these logos.
  2. 1 using Object Mode
  3. 1 using Merge Mode
  4. 1 using the mode of your choice

   How to Convert Merge Mode to Object Mode

 4a. Frame by Frame Animation 01    02   Assignment  3%

  1. Frame by Frame
  2. Keyframes

  4b. Animating with Shape Tweens     Assignment      5%

  1. Shape Tweening (morphing)

  4c.Animating with Motion Tweens    Assignment      download assets   5%

  1. Motion Tweens, copying and pasting frames, Editing the Motion Path
  2. Copying and pasting Properties

  5a. Working with Frames     and layers

  1. Working with Frames
  2. Working with Multiple Layers

  5b. Spotlight effect Using Mask Layers - Assignment   2%

  5c. Movie Clip Symbols Assignment - part 1   part 2   part 3   download assets   8%

 6a. Button Symbols - Assignment   3%

 6b. Invisible Button - Assignment   2%

 6c. Navigating using Code Snippets - Assignment       download assets   5%


  7a. DropDown Menu Assignment - Part 1  6%     Part 2  3%     download assets

  7b. Potential Issue with Selectable Text covering up Buttons

   Mid Break 

  8a.  Text Overview

   8b. Gradients

   8c. Using sound in Animate    download assets

   8d. Applying Sound to a Button

   8e. Sound Assignment - Part 1   (continued in 9a)

   9a.  Sound Assignment - Part 2    Part 3     6%

   10. Mid Term Assignment     20%

   The link for midterm Assignment instructions     

    You will have until end of class to hand it in on Canvas.

  11a. Incorporating External Video Files   download assets

            Adobe Media Encoder must now be launched manually if needed.

  11b. External Video Assignment  5%

         1. Create A Drop Down Menu with 3 links (Page 1, 2 & 3) and your name on the first page
         2. Each page should have a processed video with controller skins.

 12a. to 13a. Final Assignment Work periods   instructions

 14. Final Assignment Due - worth 20%

Bonus Assignment

15. Challenge Assignment  material   10%


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