Game 1 Midterm - 2022         20%

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Download assets


1. Create a scene set to iPad Landscape and name the file with your last name underscore first name. (eg. ouellette_daniel)

2. 2% - Create actor called BRICK FLOOR and place at the bottom of scene to act as the ground. It must not be moveable and set BOUNCE to 0.
          - SET TILE TO WRAP BOTH HORIZINTAL AND VERTICAL. Use the asset called "brick-floor.png" for this to create a repeating pattern.

3. 1% Create an actor called MYNAME to display your name in the upper left area of the screen. White Text on clear background.

4. 2% Create actor called HERO (set to 100 x 100px).
        - When on the ground HERO will move left when LEFT arrow key is pressed and move RIGHT when right arrow key is pressed. HERO can only move left and right when on the ground and can't rotate.

5. 2% Animate HERO when moving using the designated graphics for each direction. Use front view when not moving.

6. 1% Set the bounce on HERO to 0.35. Set bounce on BRICK FLOOR to 0.

7. 1% HERO will begin by dropping from sky to the ground. Then land on Floor. So create gravity for the Hero.

8. 1% WRAP scene's X & Y to allow objects exiting scene to re-enter on opposite side.

9. 2% Create a blue ball graphic in Photoshop (100 x 100px) with a transparent background and save as a PNG24 file.

10. 1% Import ball graphic and apply it to a new actor called BALL (set to 50 x 50px)

11. 1% Make 3 BALLS move downward at CONSTANT speed dropping through the scene and re-entering on the opposite side continuously. They should NOT be accelerating.

12. 1% Set up the ball to make a sound and disappear when it collides with the HERO.

13. 3% - Create an actor called SCORE and apply it on screen to display the score which increases by 1 every time the HERO collides with a BALL.
            - This will require you to create a Custom Attribute (integer).

14. 2% When the Score reaches 3 have the Hero fade away over 3 seconds and  jump to a new scene with a graphic and text message.

Hand in ZIPPED file to CANVAS. Confirm with Dan he received it.