Game 1 Final Assignment - 2017         20%


Video Example

Build from scratch and demonstrate these features in a Gamesalad file.


1. 0% Name the file with your last name underscore first name, underscore "final". (eg. ouellette_daniel_final)

2. 1% Create an actor called MYNAME to display your name in the upper left area of the screen. White Text on clear background.

4. 1% Create actor called GROUND to act as the ground or a wall. It must NOT be moveable and have NO BOUNCE.

5. 3% Create actor called HERO that initially falls from the sky and when on the ground will move left when LEFT arrow key is pressed
          and move RIGHT when right arrow key is pressed. SET BOUNCE TO .25

6. 3% Add animation to HERO in motion as well as an image for still position. Create or find artwork for animation.

7. 1% WRAP scene's X and Y to allow objects exiting scene to re-enter on opposite side.

8. 3% Generate spawned actors as shooting Ammo when X key is pressed.

9. 1% Make a moving actor called TARGET which will add to the score when it is hit with Ammo. It will wrap in the scene.

10. 1% Set up the TARGET to make a sound and disappear or change in appearance when it collides with the Ammo.

11. 1% Apply animation to actor called TARGET. Create or find artwork for animation.

12. 3% Create an actor called SCORE and apply it on screen to display the score which increases by 1 every time the Ammo collides with a TARGET.
            You will need to create a custom attribute for the Score.

13. 1% Put SCORE on its own layer above the game.

14. 1% Jump to a new scene based on a score of 3.


Hand in file to Teacher.