Computer Essentials  - Comp 1004  

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 • Class 01.   Intro to MS Windows, OneDrive, Canvas & email  

                     1. Login in to computer, myLoyalist and Canvas
                     2. Set Up OneDrive and Create Folders for your files
                     3. Saving MS Word Files to OneDrive
                     4. Creating and Saving an Email Signature
                     5. Composing and Sending an email
                     6. Adding an email Attachment
                     7. Compressing Folder into a Zip file

                     8. Upload Assignment Files to Canvas

                        Assignment 1a    5%

• Class 02a. Windows, Microsoft 365 & Canvas - 5%

                     1. Upload a Headshot to your Microsoft 365 Account
                     1.1 How to Email photo from iPhone
                     1.2 How to Download iPhone Photo from iCloud
                     1.3 How to email photo from Android & iOS
                     2. Record your Name in NameCoach on Canvas

  • Class 03a. Microsoft Word Practice 01    -   Text Instructtions 5%

                      Download:  Text_Word_Practice1.docxHSPicture_Word_Practice1.jpg

  • Class 04a. Microsoft Word Practice 02    -   Text Instructions  5%

                      Download:  Starter_Word_Practice2.docx

  • Class 05a. Microsoft Word Practice 05    -   Text Instructions 5%

                      Download:  Download APA Starter File + Starter_Word_Practice5.docx

  • Class 06a. Microsoft Word Practice 06    -   Text Instructions 5%

                      Download: Starter_Word_Practice6.docxWord_Practice_6_image1.jpg

  • Class 07a. Microsoft Word Test    -   Download assets  20%

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