Job Search - Top 40 List

**We'll work in teams of four people to put together your list.

• Please submit a listing of 40 companies to target for seeking employment.
• 35 out of 40 must be within Ontario or Quebec.
(8 out of 10 individually)

Make sure you include:

  1. the company name and a brief description
  2. company address, phone number & web site
  3. job contact person, their position and their e-mail

Here is an example:

Toronto based TOPIX is a computer graphics and animation facility. Specialist in character animation, special effects, film titling and broadcast design.

35 McCaul St., Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5T 1V7

tel: 416-971-7711

Job Contact: Henry Inglenook - Art Director

DUE: End of next class
• A group representative will Hand in a single file with 40 leads on Blackboard as a Word file or ideally html file.
• Include the names of all group members.

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