What EA looks for in Animators  

EA  looks for Animators who demonstrate a strong proficiency in animation packages including Maya; they possess an ability to learn and work with proprietary animation run-time integration tools; they are knowledgeable in the technical aspects of rigging and skinning characters for animation; they have an ability to animate the human form, giving the character weight, personality, mood, and believability; they are comfortable animating in realistic and stylized motion; and they can demonstrate a strong understanding of classic animation principles and fundamentals.

Game animation must be simple and expressive. The Animator should know how to reveal attitude, emotions, and mood through a character's movement and behavior, and be able to create memorable characters that will appeal to players. It's essential to have knowledge of the timing and appearance of human and animal movement as well as facial expressions. At EA, Animators usually possess a degree in Fine Arts or Computer Animation.

To apply for open positions, visit the official Electronic Arts website and click “Careers.”

Electronic Arts Salaries and Benefits

Salaries for Electronic Arts employees vary depending job responsibilities, skills, and education. The company does not list salaries on its website, but it does offer an extensive list of benefits. In addition, offers salary ranges as reported by EA employees. Just a few are:

  • Game Designer: $53,000-$90,000
  • Senior Game Designer: $74,000-$99,000
  • Lead Artist: $101,000-$114,000
  • Associate Producer: $64,000-$73,000
  • Computer Graphic Artist (Hourly): $26-$45/hr.

Electronic Arts offers a number of benefits. Some are based on “the grade of the position” while others only require that you are a full-time employee. The company offers restricted stock units, a bonus plan, healthcare coverage, life insurance, income protection, retirement savings/pension, paid holidays, education assistance, traveler’s medical & security assistance, leave of absence, childcare, and more. For a complete list of benefits, see