Interactive Media 1
Introduction to principles of interactive design

1. Orientation Week

2. - 3. Director Basics
- Exploring Adobe Director interface and authoring principles
- Assembling Casts
- Building a Score
- Working on the Stage - Animating Sprites
- Key frames

Graphic      mp3 file     Tutorial (a)     Tutorial (b)

4. - 5. Animation Essentials & Navigation in Director
- Basic Navigational Techniques using Markers
- Creating Behaviors
- Using sound
- Creating Film Loops
Graphic      mp3 file     Tutorial (a)     Tutorial (b)

6. & 7. Working with Video
- Sophisticated button creation and implementation
- Using Photoshop files for advanced buttons and video effects
- Compositing video
- Creating Behaviors
- Preparing video for CD-ROM playback

Assets (zipped)      Tutorial (a)   Tutorial (b)   Tutorial (c)   Tutorial (d)   Tutorial (e)

settings for Adobe Premiere

8. no classes - Intersession Week

9. Review Class
- Review all material in preperation for mid-term.

10. Mid-Term Test
- Students will be given a written test. Worth 20% of total mark.

11a. Applying Photoshop Special Effects to video using Quicktime Pro
- exploring Quicktime Pro
- applying Photoshop filters to footage
- reviewing criteria for Final Project

Assets (video)     Tutorial  

11b. Preparing for output/ Burning the CD-ROM
- creating Projector
- Burning to Disk

   How to Burn a CD Instructions in Windows 7

12. Designing Interface - Planning Stages   Exercise
- Information Architecture, Site Map, Navigation & Page schematics
- Explore 3 levels of navigation.
- Designing with various media elements:
     Text and Text Boxes (scrolling)
     Audio Voice & Music

Basic Interface concepts

13- 15. Final Project
- critera for final 4 weeks


Misc. Documents

Sample Rates and Bit Depth

©2013 Daniel Ouellette

   How to Burn a CD using Roxio Creator Instructions