10 Tests of Promotional Effectiveness

While still in the concept stage, every promotional piece prepared should be tested against this checklist.


1. Is it in keeping with your sales strategy?

2. Does it inform, enlighten, or entertain the reader/viewer?

3. Is it both well written and well designed?

4. Does it offer, show or indicate a solution to a reader problem?

5. Does it tell what is unusual about you, or could another individual or firm have said or done the same thing?

6. Will it reach the right audience at the right time with minimal waste?

7. Is it part of a campaign, and does it have continuity with other efforts in the past / future?

8. Does it ask for reader action?

9. In the long term will it bring in at least twice as much revenue as it costs?

10. Do you have a plan to follow up leads?


In summary:

Once the promotional concept has passed these ten tests, check it with someone else for an objective opinion, ideally with someone in the same group you are targeting. Don't necessarily kill it if he or she disagrees, but keep an open mind to suggestions. This final check may save you the embarrassment of omitting the obvious, or commiting the unpardonable.