10 Ways to Evaluate any Client

Good clients exist in all types of business. Liste below are 10 criteria by which you can judge yours.
To rate a client, give 10 points for each matched characteristic, 0 points if there is not a match.

A good client:

1. Never calls asking you to speculate work or adopt unprofessional procedures.
2. Has projects with well-defined objectives, budgets and timelines.
3. Doesn't waste time in unproductive meetings, is organized, and provides complete information.
4. Provides adequate time to do good work - a week or more, depending on the job.
5. Demands great work - and can recognie it when he or she sees it.
6. Doesn't nitpick over details or style.
7. Is objective and consistent in comments and criticism.
8. States as precisely as possible what is wrong, but never tells you how to fix it.
9. Is appreciative of your talent and effort, and doesn't begrudge you your financial reward.
10. Pays within 45 days.



Clients scoring 90 or above are so valuable you will want to sell your spouse to keep them.
A score of 70 or so indicates clients worth fighting with lifelong friends to keep.
Scores of around 50 indicate clients who are definitel worth an occasional lunch.
Refer clients who score below 30 to competitor.