Flash for e-journalists      Course Outline
** Bring Headphones to each class!

1. Course Overview  & Introduction    Photoshop Intro  |  Photoshop Basics

  1. Intro to professor / view portfolio
  2. Go over outline
  3. Intro to software
  4. Study samples & case studies
  5. go over final project
  6. Assess group experience

2. - 3. Flash Interface & Basic Concepts     tutorial     class 3 challenge
    Advanced for beginners

  1. Intro to interface
  2. Basic Drawing
  3. Basic Animation
  4. Basic Scripting
  5. Intro to Behaviors
  6. Intro to Buttons (symbols)

4. Creating animated slideshow     tutorial     material

  1. Set up timeline with Labels & Keyframes
  2. Paint round cornered boxes with gradient
  3. Use Behaviors to control buttons
  4. Create a Zoom effect animation
  5. Apply "copy frames" & "swap"

Bring in 3 digital photos for next week.

5. Working with Text - Timeline and animation  exercise   assignment
6. Bouncing Ball in a "Movie Clip"     tutorial     material
7. **Mid-term test**
8. Working with Sound     tutorial_a    material
9. Working with Sound  tutorial_b
10. Soundtrack Pro Source tutorial, Scrolling Text Component  tutorial , Video Component  tutorial  assets,
      Importing from Photoshop  tutorial , Publishing & Output for Web   tutorial
11. Overall Review Exercise
12. Lab Time - Final Project
13. Lab Time
14. Lab Time
15. Lab Time- Final Project Due

Deliverables - Final Project Criteria

Final Project for Flash for E-Journalist 1 will be a customized slide presentation of images
and audio etc. using an issue-based story and a compilation of skills to date.

Samples & Case Study Links

CBC: Documentaries - Planet Earth, The Future
A listing of upcoming documentary programs on CBC-TV and CBC Newsworld
Special Report: Vanishing Wetlands | • St. Petersburg Times
Tampa Bay's news, shopping and information source brought to you by the St. Petersburg Times and tbt*.
A People Torn - Liberians in Minnesota - Star Tribune, St. Paul, Minnesota
Groundbreaking interface functionality
A large team created this package; see the site credits for details.
fNew Orleans Flood - The Times-Picayne Deeds of Discrimination
F i n a l S a l u t e
Camera Works: World -
P.O.V. - The Brooklyn Connection . From Brooklyn to Pristina | PBS
'The Brooklyn Connection' shows the terrifying ease with which a charming Brooklyn businessman raised $30 million during the Kosovo War, purchased weapons across the USA, and shipped them legally to Albania to be smuggled into Kosovo. - Loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia
High Stakes Pipeline - LA Times
The Weight Introduction
The Weight by The Sacramento Bee - A special report
The Races for U.S. Senate - New York Times
The Races for U.S. Senate 2004 Election results for the Presidential race between Bush & Kerry. Popular & electoral votes for Democrats & Republicans. Senate, House & governor results. Voter's guide, swing state developments, breaking news & more
Stan the Man - Sports Hall of Famer - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Inside 9/11 :: Al Qaeda, World Trade Center, September 11 :: National Geographic Channel
We'll never forget the day the world changed. From al Qaeda's earliest origins, through the aftermath, to the investigation, this groundbreaking two night television event reveals a clearer picture of the day that redefined our nation.
Imagining the Tenth Dimension - A Book by Rob Bryanton
Imagining the Tenth Dimension, a new way of thinking about time, space, and string theory, a book by Rob Bryanton z
DrawingArt // Listen, The Silence - Web design and development studio !!
Web design and development studio with high quality products made in dynamic flash, rich media, php, mysql, cms. DrawingArt studio is winner of numerous awards.
Preloaded - a company specializing in Flash solutions
Preloaded is a London-based consultancy specialising in digital creative solutions for any platform...
Interactive Narratives
Webspace for Assistant Professor Andrew DeVigal
Professional Examples - Flash Journalism
Links to some of the best professional multimedia journalism packages.
Society of News Design
Multimedia Design Competition
The FWA: Favourite Website Awards - Web awards at the cutting edge
Favourite website awards. Web Awards recognising the very best in cutting edge website design.


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