Multimedia Design      Course Outline
** Bring Headphones to each class!

1. Course Overview  & Introduction    Photoshop Intro  |  Photoshop Basics

  1. Go over outline
  2. Intro to software
  3. Study samples & case studies
  4. go over final project
  5. Assess group experience

User Interface Issues
Media Processes

2. Fundamental multimedia Design & Issues  

- Overview of Information Architecture
- Information Design / Analyze information
- Relating information to visual design
- creating page diagrams based on info design (breakdown of info into chunks)
- Graphic Design using Photoshop / images / page size conventions
- Navigation Conventions

how we really use the web
Usability as common courtesy
1. Analyze your audience and Purpose
2. Design The Site and It's Pages
3. Aim for Simplicity
4. Make the Text Easy to Read and Understand
5. First Steps in Web Design Video
6. Create clear Links
7. Help Readers

First steps to Design a web site

Download Word Doc: webinfo.doc

Instructor will act as the client to answer student questions to get an analysis to begin web project.

Based on the supplied document (webinfo.doc ) analyze it's content and create:
1. a site map and
2. 3 page info wireframe diagrams     sample
    a.  Home page,
    b. Category Page
    c. third page

using a graphic software program. (ie Illustrator, Photoshop, etc...)

3. Using Photoshop as a Design Tool  video 1   video 2   bonus tutorial   Download Photo
     Assignment due at end of class

  1. screen capture on Mac
  2. setting up Photoshop for web design - size conventions
  3. Mock-ups
  4. creating Text boxes in Photoshop

4. Looks & Feels  Samples

- Analyze your audience
- Develop a style and consistent look for appeal and functionality
- Student will work in Photoshop/ Illustrator / Flash to create page template
- Review Site plans
- Review wireframes
- Introduce re-writing of client supplied text to suit internet scanning. (Discuss with client before  changing their text)

Creative Component:
Concerns include branding, colours, layout and applying information design to visual design.

Instructor will demonstrate some possible visual design solutions through showing 3 different Looks & Feels.

Assignment:  Due end of next class
Begin work on 1 Look & Feel using graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Flash.

Download these:  Link to Photos

5. Continue looks & Feels + Photoshop tips    Assignment Due
6 - 7. Slicing Graphics in Photoshop for HTML & Rollovers  tutorial 1   tutorial 2   material
8. **Mid-term test**
9. Optimizing images & maps  tutorial 1  tutorial 2  material
10. A taste of Adobe Illustrator     tutorial1  tutorial2   tutorial3
11. Bit more Illustrator, finish Flash Components (scrolling Text , video)    tutorial
12 - 15. Work on Final Project

Final Project - Criteria

Feature Story, mini web site

Final Project for Web Design will be a hard news story presented using web design principles and online journalism theory. It must represents good design AND good journalism

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