Include Extra Features your Readers Might Need

Consider adding the following features:
  • A search page. A search page enables readers to find all the pages on the site that contain a keyword they specify. The larger your site, the more important it is to have a search page.
  • Resource links. A popular feature is a set of links to other sites that contain information about your topic. Remember, however, that readers who follow those links might not make it back to your site.
  • A printable version of your site. You might include a printable version of your site, with black text on a white background, and all the text and necessary graphics consolidated into one big file.
  • A text-only version of your site. Many readers with slow connections to the Internet set their browsers to view text only. In addition, many readers with vision impairment rely on text because their specialized software cannot interpret graphics.
  • An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This feature is especially useful for new visitors.



For information on how to create any of these features, or on any other aspects of coding your site, search for "Web design" or see one of the following tutorials: