Game 1 Final Assignment - 2015         20%


Build from scratch and demonstrate these features in a Gamesalad file.


1. 1% Name the file with your last name underscore first name, underscore "final". (eg. ouellette_daniel_final)

2. 1% Create an actor called MYNAME to display your name in the upper left area of the screen. White Text on clear background.

3. 1% Jump to a new scene based on a collison

4. 1% Create actor called BARRIER to act as the ground or a barrier. It must not be moveable and have no bounce.

5. 2% Create actor called HERO that when on the ground will move left when LEFT arrow key is pressed
            and move RIGHT when right arrow key is pressed

6. 1% HERO will have gravity and will begin by dropping from sky to the ground.

7. 1% HERO can have a jump feature when pressing the spacebar

8. 1% WRAP scene's X and/or Y to allow objects exiting scene to re-enter on opposite side.

9. 2% Create graphics in Photoshop with a transparent background and save as a PNG24 file to place in game.

10. 2% Generate spawned actors as shooting Ammo when X key is pressed.

11. 1% Make a moving actor called TARGET which will add to the score when it is hit with Ammo.

12. 1% Set up the TARGET to make a sound and disappear or change in appearance when it collides with the Ammo.

13. 1% Add animation to HERO and/or TARGET.

14. 2% Create an actor called SCORE and apply it on screen to display the score which increases by 1 every time the Ammo collides with a TARGET.

15. 1% Put SCORE on its own layer and make it not scrollable.

16. 1% Create a list in a display Text Behavior itemizing the applied features by number
            example (Features used:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,810,11,12,13, Op01) and place in a separate scene called "list".


Op01. 3% Jump to a new scene based on a score.
Op02. 2% HERO can move in all 4 directions by pressing the 4 arrow keys on the keyboard.
Op03. 3% HERO can have a double-jump feature when pressing the spacebar
Op04. 2% HERO can change in appearance or animate when pressing the spacebar.
Op05. 1% Create an oversised scene that will have the camera folllow the HERO as he moves past the edges of the screen.
Op06. 3% Create a recycled scrolling background.

Also variations of these or supplemental features will be considered for marks.

Hand in file to Teacher.